Geotechnical Engineering


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Landslide inventory in an urban setting in the context of Chittagong metropolitan area, Bangladesh
M. S. Rahman, B. Ahmed, F. F. Huq, S. Rahman & T. M. Al- Hussaini

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Ground investigation and response of Jhilmil residential town project
S. A. Javed, M. Sameer, A.  S.  M.  F. Hossain & A. L. Helaly

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Analysis of shore pile for deep excavations
M. A. Basit, S. A. Shouki, S. M. R. Rahman, M. A. Rahman & B. M. Hanafi

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Effect of fine content on shear strength of sand
M. A. Islam, F. F. Badhon, M. K. A. Anik & M. Z. Abedin

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Consideration of soil properties for stability analyses of Padma and Jamuna river bank
M. S. Islam, L. Sarker, M. A. Islam, M. A. Islam & R. Karim

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Charectarization of soil-root system to determine stability of vegetated slopes
M. S. Islam & F. F. Badhon

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Determination of plastic limit using cone penetrometer
R. Tanzen, T. Sultana, M. S. Islam & A. J. Khan

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Construction of earthen house using CSEB: Bangladesh perspective
M. S. Islam, M. I. Hossain, M. A. Islam, A. R. Shahriar & B. Bose

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Climate resilient slope protection for coastal regions of Bangladesh using bio-engineering techniques
M. S. Islam, M. S. Hoque, S. Mallick, F. N. Parshi & A. K. M. L. Rahman

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Cost effective foundation on problematic soil of reclaimed areas in Dhaka city
M. S. Islam, M. Ahmed, M. M. Uddin & M. Khanum

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Determination of optimum cement content for stabilization of soil -a case study
B. Rokeya, O. C. Debanath, M. N. N. Chowdhury & M. A. B. Noor

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Strength increment of sand column by using admixtures
S. M. Farooq, S. Das, M. Y. Mollah & A. Akter

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Stabilization of organic soil using lime added salt (NaCl)
S. M. Farooq, S.  Das, M. M. Hasan & M. A. Hossain

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A detailed analysis of slope stability using finite element method (FEM)
S. Halder, M. O. Imam & M. S. Basir

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A theoretical framework for landslide monitoring and early warning generation
M. S. Arefin

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